24Fps: Buddha's Medicine

Above: Tibetan Healthcare in Northern India, shot on Kodak Vision 2 (super 16mm) for Corporate film and experimental version.

See also: "Individuals pay particular attention to information that supports their beliefs and either ignore or discount the value of evidence that contradicts their beliefs. [ When encountering information contrary to their own beliefs or opinions ] they face a condition known as cognitive dissonance, or the state of tension arising from holding two cognition's that are psychologically inconsistent. Researsers using images from MRI scans found that when subjects were confronted with dissonant information, they often used the reasoning areas of their brain not to analyse new data or information, but rather to develop a narrative that preserves their initial frames of reference.": http://bartvanbroekhoven.com/en-US/running/101-sar-11-along-the-way