Navel of the World

At the approx. geographical center of my long-time barefoot-training parkour, presenting a flm-installation displaying the tumultuous life and times of Beach-Inn restaurant owner Peter de Bie. The film was shot in his beach restaurant in 2007 on Kodak Vision 3 filmstock (5219 and 7219); both the film and the restaurant came a long way before they finally united for this celebration with a live interview. It took place in the construction --  rebuilt from scratch, using heavy 18th century wood from Amsterdam  -- by carpenter Peer and his team. Photo: Rob van Wieringen, Haarlems Dagblad/IJmuider Courant, reproduced with permission

On the picture: Ivo Biegman (brother in law, partly visible, with wooden shoes ready to play records), Peter de Bie (left, protagonist in the film), Melle (son, in red shirt, who's daring graffity work offered the inspiration for the final design of the on-site and on-line installation) and Irma Graveland (wife and encourager) in the 16 and 35 mm film-installation in IJmuiden.

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