Mental health is all: In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn

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'In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn, documented by Ken Loach' is 59 minutes and 36 seconds good stuff to experience: unity of form and content. Jeremy Corbyn leads by example. Ken Loach supports the case. As his last film 'I, Daniel Blakedoes. 

From the transcript, Jeremy Corbyn: "So whilst on one level we’re talking about a series of policy issues, mental health, housing, health, education, war and peace, environment and so on, it’s also about a level of consciousness and understanding and while social media is a great way of instantly and rapidly communicating with people, it often can be superficial and cannot go into the sort of life experiences that we’re talking about here that help to form our opinions. And so I’m not quite sure how it can be done, but let’s work out ways of doing it, because I want this sort of thing to carry on, I’m sure you all, I hope you all do as well."