Less = More (details)

Spring is a beach, today (pictured landinwards towards the sea at the left/West). Original post, 10 February 2017: "Less = More"

(above: 1, 'Berm', take 2)

(above: 2, 'Wrack Line', take 3)

(above: 3, 'Beach Face', take 2)

(above: 4, 'Swash Zone', take 1)

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"Swash zone: is alternately covered and exposed by wave run up.
Beach face: sloping section below berm that is exposed to the swash of the waves.
Wrack line: the highest reach of the daily tide where organic and inorganic debris is deposited by wave action.
Berm: Nearly horizontal portion that stays dry except during extremely high tides and storms. May have sand dunes."

From: Wikipedia, 'The four sections of most beaches'

"Ice after training gives this great relief. It helps prevent injuries; a natural inflammation inhibitor. While the ice melts over time, the flipside of the coin is that it gives wet feet and leaves footprints all over the place."

From: '30K_post_SAR_footprint', 10 July 2014

"Go easy: IJmuiden-desert, this morning."

From: 'In and out of the zone', 10 July 2016