Above: FP30K SAR BLT. SAR [ act 3.1 ] : product, valuable-asset with a brand-tag on it, in a distributable-form -- " [ a ] contribution to world cuisine" ( from: "A fish called Wanda" ). 

[ Alex Simon: ] What should a director look for when hiring a cinematographer, and vice-versa, what should a cinematographer look for before working with a director?

[ Vittorio Storaro: ] I can't answer the first question, but I can the second one. From the first moment I meet a director, I try to express myself. You say 'yes' or 'no,' based on your feeling that this story and this director are going in the same direction that you are going. If you feel that, that you are attracted to the story and the director's vision, then you should do it. You have to have some common ground. If you feel comfortable with all these elements, then they're the right person. Sometimes you meet wonderful, gifted people, but for some reason you don't feel comfortable and you pass, you say 'no thank you,' because they were not going in the same direction you were going at that time. There is always something inside you that will push you in the right direction that you will discover through writing, or music, or performance, that will help you discover who you are and what your life is about. This will help you grow up, and help you learn about yourself. In turn you can give this gift to somebody else: your children, your students, your audience. You share this spirit. And in doing that you feel that you are part of the human journey.

Vittorio Storaro [ ... ] THe Hollywood Interview:

[ John Fauer: ] Vittorio Storaro, ASC, said that sometimes you just have to say no.

[ Gordon Willis: ] No is a very important word. Yes is not a good word all the time. It doesn’t get us more work. In fact, no gets us more work, because anything works while we’re shooting it. Nothing works in the screening room if it’s no good. What was said the day before is forgotten once everyone gets in the screening room. If we said no to something bad, and it turns out to be right in the screening room, the no said the day before is forgotten, but they’ll never forget about the yes if it’s no good.

Remembering Gordon Willis, ASC: