Above: PGIA SAR BLMTT. Sarsential 10: 50.853452°N 0.574787°E [ anywhere ]

"I don't like to repeat. I think the beauty of this sport is that every day is different -- you have different views and different summits. The same mountain, it can change every day with snow, with rain and with different conditions."

Kilian Jornet, interviewed by Amit Katwala, for ', Issue 366, August 8 2014', found in London Bus 215

"The English peel off the unessentials of modernity very easily -- they 'go native' more readily than any Europeans except the Italians; and the more refined their upbringing the quicker the change comes about. There is no disgrace in it. On the contrary, in my opinion it shows a creditable regard for the real things in life at the expense of the artificial."

P.H. Fawcett as quoted on page 214 by Adam Ballinger in 'The Quiet Soldier', first published in Great Britain by Chapman Publishers Ltd in 1992