Fridays training preluded on this (todays-) one. 1) Properly dressed for the occasion this time;  2) Strategically navigating landscape and weather for maximum results. Excellent training-experience, full of opportunity: grab/praise/gratitude/thank-you-day! Strong wind from the South, sweeping low-tide-sea over flat beach -- creating awesome training conditions. Distance: 32K under richly varied circumstances.


Back to earth: Todays training inspired by coach Mark Divine's last blog: 


"Training the fundamentals will allow you to build a foundation to move faster and go deeper into the training. Without the foundation, you could veer off track and get unbalanced, or fall off altogether out of frustration. This stage can take as long as you need and will depend upon your level of skill and time restraints when you start—some of my students spend just a few weeks getting up to speed on the basics while others take up to a year. Embrace your process and enjoy learning the new skills."


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