Today/training/after/footprint. The 30kms. training started fresh. As time progresses air temperature and general feel unite. Dry and sunny.

Todays training dedicated to Mark Divine's book 'The way of the Seal'. Two fragments:

1) "Much of our fear in today's relatively safe world stems from an imagined but unknown future, so those who orient their minds towards that future by visualising failure and all the horrible things that might happen find themselves trapped in a constant loop of negative input."

2) "The creative mind operates in the present, while the rational, thinking mind rests in the past or future. Therefore, you must be able to tap into all three without getting stuck. You want to be optimistic and goal-oriented for the future, and then learn from and reconcile history. Finally, you must remain front-sight focused on new opportunities in the present. If you can readily shift focus from future to past to present, you will easily be able to spot gaps between old and new realities and detect openings for breaking things that other miss." (both quotes from 'The Way of the Seal", page 123)