The way of the blood

Haarlem, today. Flow [ focus ]

Above: Four days after surgery (EVLT: Endovenous laser treatment) there already is improvement in the treated varicose vains-condion (compared too what, you may ask? True, nothing to compare it with, you will not find one post-training-picture -- PGIA -- without long-trousers on this website -- too anxious to show that, I was). Though, under the knee and above the ankle varicose veins are still visible -- it can take up to 6 months to finally disappear -- 4 days after surgery there already is -- apart from the tension/pain relief -- also visual improvement. Visible is the vain in the upper part of the leg (on the shadow-line). Initially a thick, snake-like tube, laying like the root of a three sometimes surfaces trough a road cracking the asphalt, appearing from underneath the skin -- now looking more like a scar. Right beneath the knee brushes have shown up, caused by the operation. Both the 'doable' experience of the operation itself and the results, make the treatment (EVLT) -- when 'suffering' from the disadvantages of varicose veins and the potential risks that come with them -- a highly recommended undertaking. Despite -- or even better: just because -- all the horror stories people will find when searching the internet (it seems the whiners have a monopoly on populating all the -- medical -- fora, complaining about just anything). Love, trust and make friendship. Overcome anxietygo where the fear is, learn to feel at ease.  (topic to be continued)

Min/max temperature: 9°C/18°C; humidity: 64%; precipitation: 0 mm; sea level pressure: 1020.88 hPa; wind: North 9 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometres; Clouds: Few 914 m .; Moon: Waning Gibbous, 89% visible

During the operation I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with both the surgeon and the well-educated nurse. I asked the surgeon whether he was -- and if so -- where his fascination for vascular surgery came from:

"Yes. If you know the way of the blood, you know where to find everything inside the human body."

Dr. A. Rijbroek, surgeon, personal communication during EVL treatment in Haarlem, 10 May 2017

"The meaning of emptiness is space where there is nothing, and I also envisage emptiness as that which cannot be known. Emptiness, of course, is where there is nothing. Knowing that which does not exist while knowing that which exists -- that is emptiness… He should know that true empty space is there where the clouds of uncertainty have completely dissipated… Think of the void as the way and see the way as the void. In emptiness the good exists and evil does not exist. Knowing exists, the principle exists, the way exists, and the mind -- is void.

Miyamoto Musashi in Kenji Tokitsu's 'Miyamoto Musashi. His Life and Writing', page 328, first published in 2000 by Editions Desiris in France