The landing gear

Today, after dusk (T8, 800ASA, 15 seconds exposure). Air + fat + carbohydrates + protein = the rocket fuel of endurance training.

Keep moving. Though the first minutes of training generally SUCK, we (the living) train because of:

1) A GOOD REASON. The benefit is bigger than the suffering, it is self medication;

2) THERE IS NO GLORY, NO EASY WAY. There is nowhere to hide;

3) IT IS PART OF BIGGER/LARGER LIFESTYLE. It is part of A WAY. A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE. It is not just the training, it is an attitude. Food, rest, relaxation are all part of the mix;

4) TROUGH TRAINING WE FORGET; transforming, redirecting, reframing, reprogramming the brain. FLOW ON DEMAND. Unity.

Through that we built endurance.

See also: "The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the [...] mind is to get an old one out."