Above: Footprint after Today's 32K SAR dune/beach-traning. Not all trainings-days are created equal; some are more handsome than others… The intertwining wind, sun, high-tide provide great touch to circumstances and training-experience.

"The most difficult task for today's director of photography is to "think" in black and white again. He must become mentally color-blind, imagining what each scene will look like on the screen when it loses the colors it has in reality. Because black and white provides less visual information, I [...] use more lights than usual. To "draw" characters and objects, I almost always [ need ] a backlight to avoid confusing the foreground figures with the figures in the background. On the other hand, my work [ is ] made easier because I […] blend lights with different color temperatures without any problem; for instance, I [...] mix daylight with electric light without needing corrective gels.

As I have said before, I feel it is almost impossible for a black-and-white film to be in bad taste visually. The variegated, vulgar colors of contemporary life vanish, and are replaced by an absolute elegance -- like evening dress."

Nestor Almendros: 'A Man With A Camera', page 272 (first published in Switserland in 1980)