Above: FP 32K SAR Best-Level-Training on dunetrails and in beachscape. Intertwining wind, rain and high-tide provide excellent dynamic circumstances.

" […]… suddenly it rained, there was a storm. We decided to use it. We grabbed the Steadycam and we just did it. Then the rain stopped. I think we could do it in two takes. That forced us afterwards to get rain on the street because there was only a dissolve and it was supposed to be three minutes later, but that worked in our favour. This is a very old trick. If you wet all the streets you have twice as much light. It doubles all the reflections. It has been used in old gangster movies of the thirties and forties. in our case it just happened and we where forced to do it."


Nestor Almendros about his work on the Three-part-anthology ' New York Stories ', episode -- ' Life Lessons ', directed by Martin Scorsese (1989), in the (unpublished) report ' Framing; A Symposium on Cinematography, 1990 ', edited by Andreas Fischer-Hansen, Igor Koršic and Tina Sørensen (page 81)