25Fps: You Can Yoga

Above: 'You Can Yoga' for San Franciscan Jason Revere required an 'Early-Morning-Sunny-look'. Shot in Amsterdam and on IJmuiden-beach, during a cloudy week-end, partly at night with artificial Daylight lamps, P+S Adapter and Cooke S4 lenses.

You Can Yoga [DVD]: http://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Can-Yoga-DVD-Jason/dp/B000ZN71TA

See also: "[K]eep it simple, keep it natural […] Letting go of judgments, the art of programming with images and "letting it happen" are three of the basic skills involved in the Inner Game. [T]he fourth and most important inner skill [is] concentration.": http://bartvanbroekhoven.com/en-US/running/170-25fps-the-inner-game

"My stress levels were rising fast, and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I got out of my seat and began to do whatever pose came to my mind, focusing deeply on my breathing to calm myself down.": http://bartvanbroekhoven.com/en-US/running/123-sar-epilogue