Sigmund Freud

Where there was Id -- there shall be Ego.

The Excellence of Normality

The Corona Lock Down time frame provided daily training opportunity. It inspired a more analytical approach than was the case prior to that (amplified also by using a running-machine). I have learn that the narcissistic school of 'super excellence' trough training, standing out in the achievement of becoming some sort of super hero, is a bigger illusion than the movie-genre that gave it its name (these movies are conscientiously aware of itself as being fantasy and fiction). It leads to injuries and loneliness. Training is life, life requires effort. The effort to live it, to be and share. Life meanders and training contributes to keep it floating and float with it.

The Holy Trinity

In the name of Man, Mind, Machine. Amen.


Flow switch 'on'.


Data needs a home, built on a solid foundation.