Dirty Laundry

Fight for the right to party. 

Products above: Cannondale by Bikers (thank you John for the rear-wheel), Busenitz shoes by Adidas, trousers by H&M, T shirt by second-hand store Noppes. Photographed in our back garden, this morning.

Being 'up-to-speed' gives a sense of tremendous latitude. When winter-training starts (in the summer) the feeling is 'pretty bad'. Out of shape. Easily exhausted and out of breath. By building it up, we develop gradually (the summer is an excellent time for that). As a result, by the time it gets colder, our breath lasts longer and the space opens up with excellent training possibilities -- which we are able to reach and catch. Trough control over our breathing. And an awareness of our heart beating. Deep breath; as long as we are able to keep finding that, under the most severe training-conditions, then we're doing good.

Thank you Marion, Jack, Jacky and Flint for the kindhearted, gentle hospitality in your Italian beach-restaurant "Azzurro" in Zandvoort this summer. 

Have a great winter.