"I man don't"

Kennemer dunes 360° today. Search and destroy [ reassemble and enjoy ]

Min/max temperature: 7°C/12°C; humidity: 80%; precipitation: 1 mm; sea level pressure: 1011.74 hPa; wind: SSE 8.0 km/h; visibility: 16.0 kilometres; Clouds: Few 2834 m Scattered Clouds 10668 m.; Waxing Crescent Moon, 27% visible

"I man don't
I don't drink no champagne
'Cause I'm a man of the past
And I'm livin' in the present
And I'm walking in the future
Stepping in the future
I man don't
Eat up your fried chicken
Not lickin'

I man don't
Eat up them frankfurters

I man don't
Eat down the hamburger
Can't do that

I man don't
Drink pink, blue, yellow, green soda"

Peter Tosh 'Mystic Man' , track 1 LP 'Mystic Man', first released in 1979 trough Rolling Stones Records/EMI, produced by Peter Tosh, Word, Sound and Power (Keith Sterling, Mikey Chung, Robbie Lyn, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar) in the Dynamic Sound Studio, Kingston, Jamaica