Samsung NX 100 † (2)

Haarlem, 1 June 2017. A camera [ is a camera ]

Min/max temperature: 13°C/22°C; humidity: 72%; precipitation: 0 mm; sea level pressure: 1023 hPa; wind: North 3.1 km/h. ; Moon: Waxing Crescent, 48% illuminated

The Samsung NX 100. The lens broke a few months ago, but -- miraculously -- with scotch tape it kept functioning with an intact back-focus. More or less. With the first generation battery and delivering an impressive organic-look -- I have always loved Samsung camera's (from the Samsung NV-8 onwards) -- even their phones make better pictures than others around. The NX-100 is/was a beautiful camera with a mechanic shutter, trusty, simple and robust. Been 'everywhere' with it, under extreme circumstances: hot, cold, wet, dry, indoor and outdoor. Last week the shutter failed and since Samsung discontinued the production of this camera -- and all other of its camera's in general --  time had arrived to move on to another model, even brand (a digital camera by a classic manufacturer, which does not start with an "S" for sure!) Here is my final salute to a marvellous modest piece of equipment.... All images on this website -- and many more -- are made with the camera pictured above -- with the exception of this image ofcourse.