Above: warship painting, "PW 809", Haarlem today. Sarsential 22: play [ show time ]

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"Fritz: "O my brothers, who braved 100.000 perils to reach the west, choose not to deny experience of the unpeopled world. Think of the seed of your creation. You were not born to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge" […] Know it?
Paul: Sure, it's very famous. Dante.
Fritz: Oui
Paul: "Night when saw all the stars. We were filled with gladness, which soon turned to tears until sea closed upon us."

Film rush[es] of Fritz's 'The Odyssey' ends.
Lights turn up inside the screening room.

Paul: I'm Paul Javal. Mr. Prokosch told you…
Fritz: I'm perfectly aware.
Paul: It looks swell. I really like Cinemascope.
Fritz: It's not made for people. It's only good for snakes and funerals."

From: Jean Luc Godard's screenplay and film 'Le Mepris' (1963)