"I" am as good as my team

My Moroccan crew in the Sahara-desert. Picking the right people is essential. It may be "you" or "me" or "I" who got the call; without a unified team behind that to clear it, the results will turn out flat, pale, uninteresting and disappointing. A symptom of  the "look what a clever filmmaker I am" syndrome. This probably counts for other professions as well; even leading to endangering other people's health and other people's lives.

Conclusion: Like a brand, which may be the vision of one person -- "I" --, its strength is determined by the team behind it. "I" is "I Care" ; characterized by the ability to switch and unite, flexibilty. From the inside to the outside, on the battlefield of the (not so) free market, doing the job that needs to be done; for the sake of the team really... Outside the team, there is nothing.