Above: PGIA 30K SAR BLT. Sarsential 3 : awesome-ice-power for tendon care after training. When summer gets hot, dries up the ground and warms-up sea-water, tendons need extra care to support injury prevention. This is part of post-training standard procedure.¹ Ice-cubes can be as large as 500cc frozen water from a Quark bucket. They are seperated from direct skin-contact. Elastic stockings could be found useful: one over the leg, one over that one -- to be filled up with ice. Pictured above: 4 buckets attached, to either side.

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¹ Strategic use of available resources (such as cold water in ponts and at the beach, around winter-season) and Alertness, such as for luring injuries and taking care of them trough developing better technique, is what SAR aims at -- before, during and after Running. Training on steep ground, for example, such as found at many beaches near the branding, is to be found serious un-runanble ground, it is begging for tendon injury. To raise up resistance for the feet by choosing an underlayer of shells (at the beach) or concrete cycle-paths (in the dunes) with small stones on them, on the other hand, seem to stimulate proper technique. It activates the senses in the soles of the feet, spicing up the healing effect of running .