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With the frostbite practically healed (as shown on images 2 and 3 below) every Season comes with its characteristic injuries/warnings. Spring has thorns on the ground... Stepping into them happens and carries both:

1) A WARNING (do not be afraid of it, do not recklessly fly of the straight roads either: navigate the terrain strategically, be aware, find the pleasant rhythem and apply that to your training);

2) THE NEED to inspect your feet for damage. Usually you can continue the run and will it be a PT (Post-Training) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). To prevent a thorn in the foot from affecting your painless running, even leading to serious injuries over time, you have to be able to cut them out. And as they can go deep sometimes, that is where you have to go to get them out: deep under the surface layers...

Above: Haarlem 2 May 2013. Shade in frame center indicates thorn in foot sole. White area is soft skin after soap-bath and first removal to dig up the thorn. Digital frame enlargement from second image below.

Above: (1)

Above: (2)

Above: (3)

Above: (4)

Above: (5) Removed thorn on fingertip. You don't want to keep these things in your feet, as it affects your balance and may trigger injuries!

On the pictures above: Thorn removal after run on May first. Starting with a water and soap bath (1), (after localising hidden thorn-area) slicing off surface layer (2) and get the thing out (1-5).

ยน There were no negative side effects to be reported; the balloon turned out to be a smooth part of the training.