The Silver Lining

Above: Silver lining and variety during wintertraining and 300K event. Dutch winters call for action. Action generates warmth; transcending wind, water, darkness and boredom into Joy.

"[M]aintain a vigilant watch over [your] mental state, control [your] mind […] and channel […] thoughts to positive and purposeful things. When things go wrong, […] don’t blame and wallow in self-pity; rather […] immediately seek the positive lesson in the mess…the silver lining…then […] act on it. [D]on’t dwell on the negative, but learn to reframe each event to only the positive remains."

Mark Divine in 'Habits of Mastery part 2' on SealFit website:

"Many of us have come to consider comfort as our greatest need. Comfort is not essential, and we often value it much too highly [...]":

"[ Without ] optimism [ … ] motivation and talent alone will not result in the confidence and persistence necessary for resilient survival behaviour.":

"Major Anya Amasova: 
It's getting cold

James Bond:
 Is there anything I can do to warm you up?

Major Anya Amasova:
 You don't have to worry about me Mr Bond, I went on a survival course in Siberia

James Bond:
 Yes, I believe a great number of your country men do. What did they teach you?

Major Anya Amasova:
 That its very important to have a positive mental attitude"

Actors Roger Moore and Barbara Bach in 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (1977), directed by Lewis Gilbert, written by Christopher Wood, Richard Maibaum and Ian Fleming:

See also: Sarsential 23: train! [ practice ] "One day, after a rehearsal that hadn’t pleased [ violinist Mischa ] Elman, [ he was ] leaving Carnegie Hall by the backstage entrance when [ he was ] approached by two tourists looking for the hall’s entrance. Seeing his violin case, they asked, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Without looking up and continuing on his way, Elman simply replied, 'Practice.'":