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"An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa, 'with your long hair, from where I am sitting you would be a woman.' Frank Zappa replied, 'From where I am sitting you could be a table.'"

Paul Arden in 'Whatever you think think the opposite', page 124, 125, published by Penguin, 2006, UK

"Carol Gilligan in her book […] 'In a Different Voice', pointed out that both man and women tend to develop trough 3 or 4 major levels or stages of moral development. [ Preconventional ], conventional, postconventional and integrated. [ She ] found that stage -1 is a morality centred entirely on "me" [ egocentric ] Stage-2 moral development is centred on "us" [ ethnocentric, traditional, or conformist ]. With stage-3 […] identity expands […] again [ to ] "all of us" [ worldcentric ]. [ S ] tage-4 moral development [ is called ] integrated. Calligan strongly agreed that women, like men, develop trough these 3 or 4 major […] stages of growth. [ She ] said that women progress trough those stages using a different type of logic […] Male logic […] tends to be based on terms of autonomy, justice and rights; whereas women's logic […] tends to be based on terms of relationship, care, and responsibility. Men tend toward agency: women tend toward communion. Men follow rules; women follow connections. Men look; women touch. Men tend toward individualism, women toward relationship. One of [ her ] favourite stories: A little boy and girl are playing. The boy says, "Let's play pirates!" The girl says, "Let's play like we live next door to each other." Boy: "No, I want to play pirates!" "Okay, you play the pirate who lives next door."

Ken Wilber in 'The Integral Vision', page 46, 47, first published by Shambhala, 2007, Boston & London