Kennemer dunes 360° today. Artificiality [ just enough to protect natural foundation ]

Min/max temperature: 9°C/16°C; humidity: 86%; precipitation: 0 mm; sea level pressure: 1020 hPa; wind: SSW 14.5 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometres; New Moon, 1% visible

"To inspire implies filling with spirit; dispirited means dejected, hopeless, defeated. But what exactly does the term spirit signify? The collective totality of human experience can be comprehended in phrases such as "team spirit" or when we exhort people to "get in the spirit". That spirit is a highly pragmatic factor, which can determine the difference between victory and defeat, is well known by military commanders, coaches, and CEO's. [I]t's clear that spirit refers to an unseen essence, which never changes, even though its expression varies from one situation to another. This essence is vital; when we lose our spirit, we die -- we expire from lack of which inspires. […] Spirit is the aliveness that accompanies, and is an expression of, alignment with life energy. The power is […] anabolic, sustaining life; their opposites are catabolic, eventually leading to death. True power = life = spirit, whereas force = weakness = death. When an individual has lost or lacks those qualities we term spiritual, he becomes devoid of humanity, love and self-respect; he may even become selfish and violent. When a nation veers from its alignment with the spirit of man, it can become an international criminal. It's a common error to identify spirituality with religion. […] In fact, the founders of the world's great religions would be chocked at the profoundly unspiritual deeds wrought in their names trough history -- many of which would make a heathen shudder. Force always distorts truth for its own self-serving purposes. […] Like religions, entire cultures are weakened when the principles that they're based upon are obscured or contaminated by false interpretation."

David Hawkins in 'Power vs Force', page 185, 186, 187, first published in 1995 by Hay House UK Ltd

"I said, you can't stop righteousness, so it will grow
From the east to the west, you'd better take warning (warning)
If you do good, I said, you will get a righteous pay, oh yes
What will be on the man, who cause Jah children to cry"

From: 'Can't Stop Righteousness'  by The Gladiators, track 8 on the LP 'Show Down' by Don Carlos & Gold/The Gladiators, first released in 1983 trough Empire Records, produced by Kenneth Hoo Kim at Channel One Recording Studio