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Above: Sliding in after todays (Saturday's) 30K SAR-training. Clear, sunny, wind from North-East.

Today the 'A' in SAR stands for 'Antertainment'. Like a Hollywood block-buster, that deals with a problem (zombies, monsters, terrorists from within the own troops, corruption, greed, fear) an injury is best treated as just that, Entertainment, a break from routine, FUN to deal with -- to be experienced as a major challenge. Training continues, while we take care of our injury (treating the effect, healing the injury and attacking the overload causing it, through improvement of the technique, eliminating the cause). My experience of today followed these steps:

Prior to training, warming-up fase:

1) Lokalize the exact problem-spot, characterize the injury;

2) Analyze the cause: find the fault in technique leading to overload;

Then, during the training, from the moment training starts -- simultaneously, as the flipsides of one coin:

3) Improve technique;

4) Heal the injury.

Post training (PT) attach ice to the affected muscles and/or tendons, and refuel (water, carbohydrates, protein and fat, NO sugar and s**t like that)-- as soon as possible.


Above: Todays PT ice-pack, as part of the final stage of training, is like the training itself: it surrounds the injury and smokes it out. Battling injury sometimes bears resemblance to the strategy of Siege Warfare: starvation until submission. it does, however, require a vulnerable mind-state to begin with -- otherwise wake-up signals and the direction to be given will get lost in confusion and mind-crap. It, thus, requires focus and awareness to come up with a strategy and to make it succeed. As said before: win the game in the mind first.