24Fps¹: Luminous Drawbridge

Above: previsualizing Analog/Digital screening of Peter de Bie's and Kodak's Vision 3 500T Color Negative Film 5219/7219 Portrait. 

Credits: Gé Aarts, camera-operator, shot on Kodak Vision 3 film, processed by Cineco Laboratory Amsterdam, Aaton XTR-prod, ARRI 435 Xtreme, Cooke S-4 lenses and grip supplied by Holland Equipment, sound recorded with Sennheiser 416, Sound Devices MixPro and iPod, perfo soundtransfer by Bob Kommer Studio's, re-shot using Samsung NX100, edited and mixed on MacBookPro using FinalCutPro and Steenbeck ST6001.

See also: "It is our natural birthright to be fit and healthy. Unfortunately, science and medicine have largely missed this point. Researchers look boldly to the future, to new medicines, genetic screening, and surgical procedures, yet never ask the question, "Why do we need theses advances?" and "Is there a simpler, better way to health and wellness?" If they were to ask these questions, they would realise that the key to the puzzle is to start at the beginning.": https://bartvanbroekhoven.com/en-US/running/105-along-the-way-sar-12-along-the-way-navel-of-the-world

"Photography is a luminous drawbridge trough which the story has to reach the audience and the audience has to acces the story, the DP and the director have to built it together with the same objectives. Cinema is synthesis: the rapid and ever increasing popularity of the cinema is due to the possibility of concentrating huge amounts of information in its images, and the immediacy of the process with which the eye transmits them to the brain.": http://bartvanbroekhoven.com/en-US/running/95-sar-6-along-the-way

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KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 5219/7219: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Products/Production/Color_Negative_Films/5219.htm


¹ Fps: Frames per second. See also: '25 fps (and other new frame rates) in digital cinemas': http://www.sbcine.be/?p=3712

² A.o.g.p: among other great Podcasts