AB Loop: Love, Trust and Friendship™

Late this summer (at "Winters-gate") the first barefoot run between Zandvoort and IJmuiden will be held, the 'AB Loop'  ("loop" is Dutch for "run"). A run with built in invisible, unexpected obstacles. Requiering a strong basic level of 'fitness'. A small group of 8 people will follow an internship during the preceding week guided by several experienced instructors, focussing on both physical and mental aspects of training for the benefit of wellbeing. The run -- open to participants from all walks of life -- spans the relatively short distance of 12.2 Kms. The aim will be to accomplish the run as part of a team effort, laying the foundation for training without injuries, with a hell of a lot of fun and for the benefit of radiating a joyful life. To be undertaken barefoot and without the use of fancy devices, with Love, Trust and in Friendship™. End of massage. Information: please refer to contact-form.

Assigned project URL (on-line Summer 2017): https://abloop.nl

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