Work Out, detail

Kennemer Dunes Parallel Universe in 360° (detail), today. Winter training ends here [ ten days rest ]

Above: The mind works along identical operative characteristics (is my experience) as the body does. Example. Trough vaccination the immune system is activated: "Vaccines are examples of antigens in an immunogenic form, which are intentionally administered to induce the memory function of adaptive immune system toward the antigens of the pathogen invading the recipient.¹" Mentally we benefit trough the deliberate activation and confrontation with subconscious material, and, as the Germans call it "durch-arbeiten" -- "to work out", and -- trough that process -- stimulate conscious "immunity" and endurance: raise hell, to raise consciousness. This is my personal experience during a life of training.

Min/max temperature: 5°C/11°C; humidity: 65%; precipitation: 0 mm; sea level pressure: 1019 hPa; wind: NW 19.3 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometres; Clouds: Few 1219 m., Mostly Cloudy 1432 m .; Moon: Waxing Gibbous, 99% illuminated. [...]

After finishing Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Academy some time ago, -- being part of the network -- I recently received an invitation for a team/sponsor-participation to "Walk the Path of the Spartan 300, Where The Warrior’s Code Of Honor Was Born.²" Mark Divine continued in the invitation/anouncement: "I am leading  [ a ] team of committed [ people ] to Greece on an 8-day ruck following the path that Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 warriors rucked to take on the invading Persian King Xerxes. Please consider joining us for this epic adventure, and simultaneously helping my new Courage Foundation heal victims of PTSD. The mission will commence on September 14th and end on the 23rd. This is not a race, but you will need to be in reasonable shape to avoid injury and thrive with the team. Each day will include Unbeatable Mind training before, during and after the event.[…] I can’t imagine a better way to challenge ourselves, serve warriors in need, and do some deep self-reflection on what it means to live a life of honor, discipline, courage, and commitment… like the Spartan 300.³"

For this trip the coming weeks we will start to raise funds, The goal is to at least bring in $20,000. Take a look at the Courage Foundation website.


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