"Wie goat deurdonderen"

Kennemer Dunes, today. Min/max temperature: 4°C/6 °C; humidity: 98%; precipitation: 9.0 mm, sea level pressure: 1016 hPa;  wind from West 26.1 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometers [raise to the opportunity]

"The spirit is crucial for peak-performance, realised [cyclist Piet] Moeskops, as he gained more and more experience. Leading up to the 1924 world championship in Paris, Moeskops said […]: The whole secret is, to break the power of your opponents. […] It is not about driving long and fast. […] The first year I already understood that. But I could not do it. A few years later, I still could not do it. I was not strong enough to do that. Runners reach their full potential around their thirties. [Before that] they can not do what they should be able to do. They just drive fast, [but] they do not drive psychologically. And they do not yet have the power to break their opponents, [and] also not the moral energy [to do that]."

Pieter Winsemius'Erop en erover, wat we kunnen leren van grote wielerkampioenen', page 38, 39, first published in 2015 by Prometheus, Bert Bakker, NL

"[The] student strengthens his mental muscles on an easy problem before moving on to a harder one. […] One might teach high-jumping with the same technique-setting the bar at a given height, inducing the student to jump, and moving the bar up or down as the outcome dictates. […] The good high-jumping coach is less concerned with whether the bars is cleared than with form or style. […] "To think" often means simply to behave. [The] environment will do the teaching."

B.F. Skinner 'The Technology of Teaching', page 118, 119, 153, first published in 1968 by Prentice-Hall, Inc., USA

"He, word es wakker, zootjen tuig (Hey, wake up, bunch of scumbags)
Wie doet 't niet slom, wie doet 't ruig (We are not slow, we are rough)
Verwacht van ons geen wondern, wie goat deurdonderen (Do not expect any miracles of us; we act without interruption)"

Bennie Jolink and Willem Terhorst, 'Deurdonderen', performed by Normaal, first published in 1982 by WEA records