The other side

Approx. 52°27'23.8"N 4°33'37.8"E, today at sunset. Equipment [ keep it simple ]

Min/max temperature: 4°C/6°C; humidity: 99%; precipitation: 2 mm, sea level pressure: 999 hPa; wind from SSE 6.0 km/h; visibility: 9.0 kilometres; Clouds few 365 m, mostly clouds 670 m.

"Forgiveness fosters healing […] It facilitates excellence and improvement […] Forgiveness means taking the sting out […] that otherwise threatens to poison our existence […] "Forgiveness," according to the former president of India, Indira Gandhi, "is a virtue of the brave." […] To energize their people, truly effective leaders need to be at peace with themselves and past and present events in their life […] Trough play [ we ] acquire control of the world, as opposed to being subject to its vagaries. […] To quote John Cleese, "If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play." [T]he opposite of play is not work -- it's more like depression […] The Greek playwright Aeschylus […] said, "It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish."

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries in 'Mindful Leadership Coaching, Journeys into the interior', page 42, 43, 46, 47, 161, 170, 176, first published in 2014 by Palgrave Macmillan, USA



Kennemer Dunes, today. Go, leave the trail [ learning ]

Min/max temperature: 8°C/12 °C; humidity: 96%; precipitation: 0.25 mm, sea level pressure: 1003.95 hPa; wind from N 26.1 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometres; Clouds few 731 m, scattered clouds 1493 m.

"[The] essential characteristics of behaviour is precisely to transcend itself constantly and to change autoregulation into auto-organisation leading to new structures […] In psychology, autoregulation [ "Life is essentially autoregulation" ] is not a return to a previous state determined by any genetic structure but is always a "passing beyond".

Jean Piaget in 'Language and Learning; The Debate between Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky', page 5, 63, edited by Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini, first published in 1979 in France. English translation by Harvard University Press, USA

"Mentalistic theories of ethical self-management appeal to entities which seem to be particularly accessible to introspection. The inner forces which are said to take place of environmental variables are feelings. Men do brave things because they feel courageous or help someone because they feel compassionate. It would seem to follow that to teach students to be brave or compassionate, the teacher must teach them to feel […] In both clinic and laboratory, what is to be attenuated is usually operant behaviour (particularly avoidance) rather than the emotional responses which are felt."

B.F. Skinner 'The Technology of Teaching', page 193, 196, first published in 1968 by Prentice-Hall, Inc., USA

"Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus: Good morning, Doctor.
Psychiatrist: Good morning, Charles. You're looking splendid.
Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus: I feel splendid.
Psychiatrist: Every day, and in every way, you're feeling..
Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus: Better and better.[…] Now, now, Doctor. Some people would consider your methods most unorthodox.
Psychiatrist: I was just making sure that you're not a better liar than I am a psychiatrist."

From 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again', the fifth film in The Pink Panther series written and directed by Blake Edwards, first released in December 1975 trough United Artists, USA

"Wie goat deurdonderen"

Kennemer Dunes, today. Min/max temperature: 4°C/6 °C; humidity: 98%; precipitation: 9.0 mm, sea level pressure: 1016 hPa;  wind from West 26.1 km/h; visibility: 10.0 kilometers [raise to the opportunity]

"The spirit is crucial for peak-performance, realised [cyclist Piet] Moeskops, as he gained more and more experience. Leading up to the 1924 world championship in Paris, Moeskops said […]: The whole secret is, to break the power of your opponents. […] It is not about driving long and fast. […] The first year I already understood that. But I could not do it. A few years later, I still could not do it. I was not strong enough to do that. Runners reach their full potential around their thirties. [Before that] they can not do what they should be able to do. They just drive fast, [but] they do not drive psychologically. And they do not yet have the power to break their opponents, [and] also not the moral energy [to do that]."

Pieter Winsemius'Erop en erover, wat we kunnen leren van grote wielerkampioenen', page 38, 39, first published in 2015 by Prometheus, Bert Bakker, NL

"[The] student strengthens his mental muscles on an easy problem before moving on to a harder one. […] One might teach high-jumping with the same technique-setting the bar at a given height, inducing the student to jump, and moving the bar up or down as the outcome dictates. […] The good high-jumping coach is less concerned with whether the bars is cleared than with form or style. […] "To think" often means simply to behave. [The] environment will do the teaching."

B.F. Skinner 'The Technology of Teaching', page 118, 119, 153, first published in 1968 by Prentice-Hall, Inc., USA

"He, word es wakker, zootjen tuig (Hey, wake up, bunch of scumbags)
Wie doet 't niet slom, wie doet 't ruig (We are not slow, we are rough)
Verwacht van ons geen wondern, wie goat deurdonderen (Do not expect any miracles of us; we act without interruption)"

Bennie Jolink and Willem Terhorst, 'Deurdonderen', performed by Normaal, first published in 1982 by WEA records

Left, right, appetite

Kennemer Dunes, today. Fast in [ fast out ]

Min/max temperature: 0°C/5 °C; humidity: 87%; precipitation: 0 mm, sea level pressure: 1016.14 hPa;  wind from N/NW 9.7 km/h; visibility: 8 kilometers.

"It’s widely acknowledged that postmodernism as a philosophy is now dead; and books are everywhere starting to appear that are written about “What comes next?” [I]n academia and the universities, it is a long, slow death, and most teachers still teach some version of postmodernism and its aperspectival madness even if they have many deep doubts themselves. [W]hen there are no binding guidelines for individual behavior, the individual has only his or her own self-promoting wants and desires to answer to—in short, narcissism. And that is why the most influential postmodern elites ended up embracing, explicitly or implicitly, that tag-team from postmodern hell: nihilism and narcissism—in short, aperspectival madness. The culture of post-truth. […] Nihilism and narcissism are not traits that any leading-edge can actually operate with. [A] well-known pollster [...] said, “This [Trump win] is a wake-up call for everyone at every level of government. Governors, Senators, mayors—all of them need to have a retreat where they can work together to bring about peace in the populace. Importantly, this isn’t about government officials reconciling with one another—which in itself is needed. Rather, it is about their facilitating their constituencies to reconcile with one another. It’s about bringing people together, bridging our divides, and binding our wounds. That’s what real leadership is about.” […] Conversely, feeling nothing but despair at Trump’s victory is to fail to see the larger currents at work in this situation. Understanding this election—as well as similar events now occurring all over the world—as a manifestation of a self-correcting drive of evolution itself, as it routes around a broken leading-edge [...] and attempts to restore the capacity of its leading-edge to actually lead (while also seriously starting to give birth to the next higher leading-edge of integral itself)—this gives us a glimmer of real hope in an otherwise desperately gloomy situation. In the deepest parts of our own being, each of us is directly one with this evolutionary current, this Eros, this Spirit-in-action, radiant to infinity and luminous to eternity, radically full in its overflowing overabundance and excessive in its good graces, wildly crashing off the heavens and irrupting from the underworlds, and embracing each and all in its limitless love and care. And the only ones who should be allowed to work politically for a greater tomorrow—and who should thus work—and those who truly understand that it is not necessary to do so; who see the utter fullness of the Great Perfection in each and every moment of existence, and who nonetheless work to trim-tab (or adjust through leadership) the manifestation of more and more and more of the Good and the True and the Beautiful, right here and right now in this gloriously manifest universe, moment to moment to ever-present moment, knowing full well that this entire world is nothing but the dream of an infinite Spirit, yet each and every one of us is directly this very Spirit itself, dreaming the world of our own amazement. And we can try endlessly and tirelessly to fix this dream…. or we can simply wake up."

Ken Wilber in 'Trump and a Post-Truth World, An Evolutionary Self-Correction', first published last Sunday by Integral Life as an Ebook, available as Pdf at the Intergral Iife website

Spirit of the Game

Kennemer Dunes -- path to the sea, sunset, today. Confidence [ create scope ]

Min/max temperature: -2 °C/-5 °C; min/max humidity: 64/93; precipitation: 0.0 mm, sea level pressure: 1024.22 hPa;  min/max wind speed: 13 km/h/18 km/h; visibility: 9.3 kilometers (spring in the air)

"[ question: ] Do you also believe that physical training equals mental training; trough tough physical training we train the mind? [ answer: ] Trough tough physical training we develop discipline. We develop the ability to concentrate on a task. Physical training is essential for mental training. Physical training will lead to neuro-plasticity; it will grow the brains connections; it will grow the brain matter. That is just one aspect of it. At a physical level, physical training will grow your brain. And that has been proven, science is behind that, backs it up. Physical training, when you get into more complicated things, like gymnastics or learning the olympic lifts or learning new and different things […] training [with ] constantly varied functional movements, done in a unique way, every single day, with the big four skills of mental toughness placed into that; develop things like Courage, and Honour, and Discipline; that will develop mental toughness. […] Once you get beyond that, beyond that initial layer of 'I can tough trough something' […] 'I got the physical and mental skill to drive trough a task' ; true mental toughness is […] to develop great vitality over the quality, quantity and directionality of your thinking mind and then integrate your whole mind, so that you can use all of the vast skills that you have. So you can develop [your] 20 times potential, so that you can win on the battlefield of life, kick ass, and take names, develop front sight focus; so you focus on the right targets, the right time, and you win. And you win not for the benefit of yourself, but for your team, for your community, for all -- ultimately -- humanity. […] World centric win, with front sight focus, comes from winning in the inner domain, winning in the mind; before you step into the battlefield […]"

Mark Divine responding to my question in his FSF (Front Sight Focus) live-seminar on his Youtube channel, streamed live on Januari 23, 2017