AH Erlebnis (back from the archives)

Ideology, whether this is a movement of suppressed angry farmers, environmentalists, conspiracy theorists, foresters, security guards, politicians, entertainment idols, occupational therapists, religionists, subsidized rebels, industrialists or educators, serves to rationalise and to justify all irrationality and immorality that exist within a society. All it needs and desires is a corporate identity, a logo, a culture, advertising, propaganda, censorship in-the-name-of-some-name, an army of bureaucrats and a commander in chief looking after the interests of the stockholders. It is a mechanical, narcissistic system that lacks humanity -- it is a machine -- and serves but one purpose only: itself. It therefore complies with all the characteristics of insanity. Including the hidden, the drowned potential for healing. Trough learning, repair, love, creativity and responsabilty. Which lies burried deep in the superficial tranquillising comfort the insanity provides in exchange for total commitment. A vicious circle. Resulting in a psychological defence mechanism, a beast with four ugly heads: obsession, paranoia, hysteria and phobia. Gluttonously exploited with religious feverishness, trough marketing, politics and dehumanised industrial earning models. Selling the desire for solutions, the tension it generates and with it the longing for release trough satisfaction, based upon the imposition of problems. Destructive, degenerating, infantile, phantasized, addictive, narcissistic, restrictive, cynical, irresponsible and numb. This is true. As is the possibilty for the way out. Living from the roots of true nature. Free from any guarantee. (written, drawn and photographed by me)

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