Above: Footprint after todays wind-water-trail-run-fun-dirt-dive: wind_sun_water_32Kms.

Above: To support cooling down of leg, my post-training SOP includes putting two 500cc buckets of ice close to the skin...


 Above: Ice sandwiched between Compression-Stockings: recut CS outside to hold the ice -- fully functional long CS seperates the ice from direct skin contact. Over the course of the following time (usually hours) I allow the ice to burn up.


Above: Footprint after todays training. 

One of the-- if not the most forward-trust-infused endurance-training-resources is SealFit, founded by Mark Divine. Here are some of his directions regarding food: "What you fuel your body with is critical for developing strength, recovery, and mental acuity. [...] Processed grain, in the form of breads, pasta, cereal and most other things in a box with label, are the enemy to good health and fitness. These processed carbs enter our blood stream faster than glucose in the form of glycogen, and send our insulin levels skyrocketing throughout the day. When it drops back down we are sent a “hormonal hunger” message in the form of a craving to have more of the same junk. In this vicious cycle, the body burns sugar, and stores fat. That is why we have a billion-dollar industry selling low and no-fat products, as if fat was the enemy. It is NOT. Fat is good (or we should say good fat is good). Become a fat burner and burn fat, rather than store it."

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Above: Footprint after todays 40K dune-beach training. 

Above: Breakfast pre-training is an apple burried under quark -- topped off by some almonds...


 Above: ... post-training there is chicken, spinach, fresh RED-peppers, ginger and garlic-salad. 


Above: Cooling down after 30K training. Just listened to Skip Richard's David Baldacci interview: "...If you're in the zone, you can really, really roll..." There is a link to Skip Richard's website and the interview here


Above: Footprint after 26K draughty training on Texel


 Above: Side and top view of Texel: flat and draughty