Above: Today's training: upon arrival the landscape is changed into this contrasty (black/white) environment

Above: Upon departure: strong wind, clear view, dry

Above: arrival


Todays weather: clear, on the verge of rain, strong wind from south-west, beach during training in between tides, air felt comfortable (3-6 degrees)


Above: After comfortable 30K dune/beach winter training: + 8 degrees Celsius, gentle wind, low tide on quiet beach


Above: I prefer to have my training around sunrise: it multiplies the already good effects, stimulating results during the day to come.

Todays training was 'equal-as-usual' in distance and terrain. It was in the afternoon though, it had more wind, more blue sky, more tide; different training altogether, best suited for the day!

And dedicated to an excerpt, published today, from a (new) book by Mark Divine. His writings, courses and trainings are an inspiration to many people:

"Drive provides a lifelong source of energy if focused on a passionate and worthy end. But be wary, because drive can have a dark side, too. When you’re driven solely by “me” reasons and you confuse determination with stubbornness, you can easily lose sight of the “we” in your life, leaving your coworkers, family, or other teams wondering what happened to that nice man or woman they used to know. The type of drive that powers elite operators is a “me plus we” drive. It means you’re driven to grow and learn new things in a way that benefits yourself and your team, and that is balanced with the needs of the organisation."

Mark Divine: Excerpt from 'The Way of the Seal'.

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November 8 2013

Above: November 8 2013, found on the beach