Velsen/Bloemendaal, 6 Februari 2013. Part of dune-beach training trail. Near Duin en Kruidberg in Velsen.

Above: Kennemerduinen, 6 Februari 2013. Pictures taken during training on trail in Stormschool Bloemendaal area, near Duin en Kruidberg.


Velsen, 22 Januari 2013.

Deep blue reflections in the shadow, making the skin appear extra purple. Notice the difference in skin tone between shadow and highlight area. Red/pinkish in the sun. Purple in the shadow. Purple spot right foot/left side is real but exaggerated by blue skylight (scar running shoe injurie 2002).

Above: Chicken, ginger and nuts taken after relaxing, fun dune/beach barefoot training. There was a gentle wind from the east, dry -- the sun was shining. Temperature was aprrox. -3 D/Celcius. Good calm sea (for surf-running), comfortable low tide. More about food here.

Above: Route 22 januari 2013. Route covered with nice, clean, crisp snow and icelayer. 

Above: One hour later


Haarlem, 8 Januari 2012. Chicken, Ginger, Vegetables and Nuts provide carbohydrates (vegetables), proteins (chicken) and fats (nuts). Eaten within 30 minutes after end training.

"What you fuel your body with is critical for developing strength, recovery, and mental acuity." -- Mark Divine


Above: Muiden, Januari 12th 2013

Carl von Clausewitz was a Prussian military theorist who thought of the center of gravity as a focal point,  the one element within a combatant's entire structure or system that has the necessary centripetal force to hold that structure together: "The CoGs of Alexander the Great, Gustavus Adolphus, Charles XII of Sweden, and Frederick the Great, for instance, resided in their respective armies. In different circumstances, the personalities of key leaders, a state’s capital, or its network of allies and their community of interest might serve as CoGs. What all of these various elements have in common is not that they are sources of power, but that they perform a centripetal or centralizing function that holds power systems together and, in some cases, even gives them purpose and direction. Strictly speaking, an armed force is not a “source” of power. Rather, it serves as a focal point that draws and organizes power from a variety of sources: a population base (recruits); an industrial base (weapons and materiel); and an agricultural base (foodstuffs). The same holds true for the personalities of key leaders, state capitals, or alliance networks. These things draw raw power from different sources and refine, organize, and redirect it." Download and read interesting paper 'Clausewitz's Center of Gravity' here.

Above: Inside ridge west-tower, Sunset

 Above: Late afternoon. Deep blue reflections over the Muiderslot. Inside the castle is a state museum. With an exit-trough-the-giftshop. Left is the west tower.