Above: Footprint after todays wind-water-trail-run-fun-dirt-dive: wind_sun_water_32Kms.

Above: To support cooling down of leg, my post-training SOP includes putting two 500cc buckets of ice close to the skin...


 Above: Ice sandwiched between Compression-Stockings: recut CS outside to hold the ice -- fully functional long CS seperates the ice from direct skin contact. Over the course of the following time (usually hours) I allow the ice to burn up.


Above: Footprint after todays training. 

One of the-- if not the most forward-trust-infused endurance-training-resources is SealFit, founded by Mark Divine. Here are some of his directions regarding food: "What you fuel your body with is critical for developing strength, recovery, and mental acuity. [...] Processed grain, in the form of breads, pasta, cereal and most other things in a box with label, are the enemy to good health and fitness. These processed carbs enter our blood stream faster than glucose in the form of glycogen, and send our insulin levels skyrocketing throughout the day. When it drops back down we are sent a “hormonal hunger” message in the form of a craving to have more of the same junk. In this vicious cycle, the body burns sugar, and stores fat. That is why we have a billion-dollar industry selling low and no-fat products, as if fat was the enemy. It is NOT. Fat is good (or we should say good fat is good). Become a fat burner and burn fat, rather than store it."

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Above: Footprint after todays 40K dune-beach training. 

Above: Breakfast pre-training is an apple burried under quark -- topped off by some almonds...


 Above: ... post-training there is chicken, spinach, fresh RED-peppers, ginger and garlic-salad. 


Above: Footprint SAR_7: rain and sun and wind lend supportive-atmosphere to today's-training

"Cartier Bresson has formed me a lot. I have been in Paris just to meet Cartier Bresson. I had no money, I moved to Paris, I knew the restaurants where he was going every day. I stayed outside the restaurant. Waiting. Some day I saw Cartier Bresson entering. I thought: Now I wait, he is going to eat." See: '"Go to take a reading Luciano Tovoli"' [ interview with Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli ]

Olive Oil and the Habit of Bicycle Maintenance

Above: Primadonna Huile D'Olive Vierge Extra  [Olive Oil ] and the Habit of Bicycle Maintenance; derailleur, chain, 7 speed-cassette and '1 click up, 1 click down' thumb shifter, benefit from Olive Oil treatment, after cleaning with dry brush. The Gear-System is the crucial device in the translation of Power into Speed: "It is an illusion to believe that conflicts rooted in geography can be abolished." ¹ 

"If your emotional life was portrayed as a nuclear power plant, would it be described as a source of infinite, controlled, star-like power? Or a reactor that is poorly managed, prone to out-of-control, catastrophic meltdowns? [...] Just thinking about a serious problem is like brushing a light coat of paint on a leaking roof—the problem isn’t remotely solved on a structural level. I believe deep learning occurs when we intently apply both thinking and feeling. Another way I like to put it is this: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is equally as important as cognitive intelligence (IQ). If you have one without the other then you are incomplete and will not “grow” in the developmental sense into your full potential. [U]understand how to embrace obstacles and turn them into opportunities, simultaneously experiencing the full range of emotions that the experience evokes. Rather than a life exclusively lived in the thin vapor of the intellect, experiencing life both with thought and feeling will allow you to access a vital dimensionality in the important things of life. Your emotions, or lack thereof, will no longer block the path toward success and happiness!"


"Christians and Muslims have been bitter enemies, battling for control of Iberia. Yet, lest we forget, they also have been allies: In the 16th century, Ottoman Turkey and Venice allied to control the Mediterranean. No single phrase can summarize the relationship between the two save perhaps this: It is rare that two religions might be so obsessed with each other and at the same time so ambivalent. This is an explosive mixture. […] The Europeans' appetite for cheap labor and the Muslims' appetite for work combined to generate a massive movement of populations. […] Given the economic status of immigrants the world over, the inevitable exclusion that is perhaps unintentionally incorporated in multiculturalism and the desire of like to live with like, the Muslims found themselves living in extraordinarily crowded and squalid conditions. All around Paris there are high-rise apartment buildings housing and separating Muslims from the French, who live elsewhere. […] Europe's sense of nation is rooted in shared history, language, ethnicity and yes, in Christianity or its heir, secularism. Europe has no concept of the nation except for these things, and Muslims share in none of them. […] The Mediterranean borderland was a place of conflict well before Christianity and Islam existed. It will remain a place of conflict even if both lose their vigorous love of their own beliefs. It is an illusion to believe that conflicts rooted in geography can be abolished."

George Friedman in "Geoplolitical Weekly: A War Between Two Worlds" published today on

"The creation of any modern nation state is characterised by the elaboration of an official history, a legendary narrative produced for purposes of unification, an ideological construct that glorifies a more or less imaginary ethnic group and encourages the rejection of any kind of otherness, regarded as inferior, indeed contemptible.":

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¹ George Friedman today in "Geoplolitical Weekly: A War Between Two Worlds":