Image after finish today.

Fight or flight

Start easy. Finish strong. We can learn a lot from the sport-psychologists and mental toughness coaches. Control the breath, set short-term (achieveable) goals, maintain a positive attitude and create the appropriate imagery of achieving what you want to achieve.

See also: "At a physical level, physical training will grow your brain. And that has been proven, science is behind that, backs it up. Physical training, when you get into more complicated things, like gymnastics or learning the olympic lifts or learning new and different things […] training [with ] constantly varied functional movements, done in a unique way, every single day, with the big four skills of mental toughness placed into that; develop things like Courage, and Honour, and Discipline; that will develop mental toughness"

Tools of the trade (3)

Above: Start and finish, Duin en Kruidberg today.

Like a magician, a runner needs to add new tricks and tools to his training. Or it'll gets boring. They serve as the floating devices for the foundation (breathing) of training. New elements injuce the activity with variation. Keeping it alive and floating and happy and healthy...

Start, run, finish

"The trick," Lawrence of Arabia says somewhere in the beginning of the movie, "is not minding that it hurts."

Tools of the trade (2)

Civilisation is found in silence and darkness. With simple wax earplugs and a light cloth -- shawl or t-shirt, or whatever -- to cover the eyes, anywhere, anytime can be transformed into the recovery experience. Recovery is essential to keep being able to perform. Rest and sleep are wholeheartedly beneficial to the recovery process.