Dust is the blood of simplicity.

Echo Chamber

Finish echoes training.


Trust. Melle (2004) demonstrating 'swash-running'. Setting steps onto invisible soil.


Full self-driving capability is nothing new. In all circumstances. With all standard safety features. As runners we experience it all the time. Figuring out the optimal route for optimal results. Standard with all leg drive, fast acceleration and long mile range.


This is going to sound, or read, pretentious. The interesting aspect about running is the heightened awareness of being in the middle of past, present and future. Every step, here and now, at the centre of it. It is essential. Or one burns oneself up, going too far, or doing not enough. Every step counts. Here and now. So far from start. So far to go to finish. To be aware of that. It is essential. There are too many runners around either taking it too easy or moving around mindlessly burning their selves up. It is as simple as that. You can draw a circle around it, like a spotlight that moves with the activity. "I am or we are here now. I or we came that far. This is how much there is left to do. And we are doing that now."