Tools of the trade (1)

Post training today. Spring in the air. Spring on the ground. Barefoot 15K in the dunes and on the beach. Only one thorn. Sometimes none. Most severe 'injuries' happen at home. Small pieces of glass are worst. Thorns or glass, a sharp scalpel, such as the knife bought at the local art-material shop, are best to remove them. Thin and sharp. Small thorns need to be removed after the training. They can and will cause trouble. However small, they cause pain that seems out of tune to their size (sometimes very small, causing sharp pain during walking). The foot must be full of nerves. Which is a miracle. It allows to run over all these different surfaces (stones, asphalt, shells). Giving protection. While remaining sensitive. Tough and sensitive at the same time.

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Nervous system

Kennemer dunes today. 16K after the defeat of winter. Nature as it appears seems a vast nervous system. Reaching for the sky. Present and available. Quiet and friendly. Etcetera etcetera...

Full How

When the heart starts drawing its brand-logo with sweat from the inside on the T-shirt, then spring is in the air.

Fun comes from 'how' we do things. It is what an individual has to offer. How we do things. The tactics. Fun are the fruits of that labour. Rising like smoke, lighter than air. The more we are trained, the better we perform at operating in this happy state. 

It motivates to continue with the task and to not-quit. To continue will provide a full experience of 'how'. A 'full how'. Flow. Quit and you're done. My grandfather used to say: "The rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten tree."


Landscape is an instrument to be played rhythmically. 

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Today, evenening snack. Pickels, cheese, meat, ginger, few slices of bread with pesto, some pre-fab Chinese sauce and red pepper.