Above: Footprint after todays wind-water-trail-run-fun-dirt-dive: wind_sun_water_32Kms.

Above: To support cooling down of leg, my post-training SOP includes putting two 500cc buckets of ice close to the skin...


 Above: Ice sandwiched between Compression-Stockings: recut CS outside to hold the ice -- fully functional long CS seperates the ice from direct skin contact. Over the course of the following time (usually hours) I allow the ice to burn up.


Above: Footprint after todays training. 

One of the-- if not the most forward-trust-infused endurance-training-resources is SealFit, founded by Mark Divine. Here are some of his directions regarding food: "What you fuel your body with is critical for developing strength, recovery, and mental acuity. [...] Processed grain, in the form of breads, pasta, cereal and most other things in a box with label, are the enemy to good health and fitness. These processed carbs enter our blood stream faster than glucose in the form of glycogen, and send our insulin levels skyrocketing throughout the day. When it drops back down we are sent a “hormonal hunger” message in the form of a craving to have more of the same junk. In this vicious cycle, the body burns sugar, and stores fat. That is why we have a billion-dollar industry selling low and no-fat products, as if fat was the enemy. It is NOT. Fat is good (or we should say good fat is good). Become a fat burner and burn fat, rather than store it."

Further reading:


Above: Footprint after todays 40K dune-beach training. 

Above: Breakfast pre-training is an apple burried under quark -- topped off by some almonds...


 Above: ... post-training there is chicken, spinach, fresh RED-peppers, ginger and garlic-salad. 


Above: Footprint SAR_7: rain and sun and wind lend supportive-atmosphere to today's-training

"Cartier Bresson has formed me a lot. I have been in Paris just to meet Cartier Bresson. I had no money, I moved to Paris, I knew the restaurants where he was going every day. I stayed outside the restaurant. Waiting. Some day I saw Cartier Bresson entering. I thought: Now I wait, he is going to eat." See: '"Go to take a reading Luciano Tovoli"' [ interview with Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli ]


Above: website screengrab. Sarsential 20: unbuddha yourself [ take the-cue-from-the-issue ]

"[…] Charles XII. [ King of Sweden from 1697 to 1718 ] could not make the power of his sword subservient to a higher judgment and philosophy—could not attain by it to a glorious object. […] Henry IV. [ a.k.a. "Good King Henry", was King of Navarre (as Henry III) from 1572 to 1610 and King of France from 1589 to 1610 ] did not live long enough to set at rest the relations of different States by his military activity, and to occupy himself in that higher field where noble feelings and a chivalrous disposition have less to do in mastering the enemy than in overcoming internal dissension […] understanding is the power of judgment."

Carl von Clausewitz, 'On War', page 45 and 71, first published in Germany by Ferdinand Dümmler, Berlin, 1832

"The myth that the director is the sole creator of his film is a burden on almost everyone in the movie business, including the director, who frequently becomes weighed down by the excess responsibility, incapable of generating a team spirit, afraid to delegate authority, or unable to fractiously accept the contributions of the expert collaborators he has summoned to his side. With a first time director the pressure of this myth magnifies, specially if he has no film experience, as is often the case. Ashamed to expose his ignorance [...] no one understands his dissatisfaction. If he is insecure and defensive about the degree of dependance he feels on all the experienced professionals around him, and if [ one of them ] is inclined to counter his defensive behaviour by subtly making an issue of his dependency, the scene is set for flashes of paranoia […]."

Filmeditor Ralph Rosenblum with Robert Karen in 'When The Shooting Stops... The Cutting Begins', page 193, 194,  first published in USA by Da Capo Press, New York, 1979

"It is easy to see how essential a well-balanced mind is to strength of character; therefore men of strong minds generally have a great deal of character. Force of character leads us to a spurious variety of it – obstinacy. It is often very difficult in concrete cases to say where the one ends and the other begins; on the other hand, it does not seem difficult to determine the difference in idea. Obstinacy is no fault of the understanding; we use the term as denoting a resistance against our better judgment, and it would be inconsistent to charge that to the understanding, as the understanding is the power of judgment. Obstinacy is A fault of the feelings or heart. This inflexibility of will, this impatience of contradiction, have their origin only in a particular kind of egotism, which sets above every other pleasure that of governing both self and others by its own mind alone. We should call it a kind of vanity, were it not decidedly something better. Vanity is satisfied with mere show, but obstinacy rests upon the enjoyment of the thing. We say, therefore, force of character degenerates into obstinacy whenever the resistance to opposing judgments proceeds not from better convictions or a reliance upon a trustworthy maxim, but from a feeling of opposition. If this definition, as we have already admitted, is of little assistance practically, still it will prevent obstinacy from being considered merely force of character intensified, whilst it is something essentially different – something which certainly lies close to it and is cognate to it, but is at the same time so little an intensification of it that there are very obstinate men who from want of understanding have very little force of character [lacking developed] qualities in which heart and head co-operate […].

Carl von Clausewitz, 'On War', page 71, first published in Germany by Ferdinand Dümmler, Berlin, 1832

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Bastiaan Houtkooper on his Zebra Hosting Website, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

"[It] would be difficult to imagine things plainly in all the completeness of the visible":

"Carl von Clausewitz was a Prussian military theorist who thought of the center of gravity as a focal point":

"Sarsential 6, website-based-workflow [ i.e. resourceful environment] for PGIA-application":