Above: PGIA SAR-rest-and-recovery. Sarsential 7: training off, sauna on [ skipp training, rest and recover ]. 

More on elevating core body temperature, sauna-benefits and more: Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviewed on Barbell Shrugged's podcast 'Biomedical Research, Nutrition, and Supplements w/ Dr. Rhonda Patrick - EPISODE 119'

More (and more):

More about regularly scheduled off days and active recovery days :


Above: PGIA¹ SAR² 30 KMS BLMTT³. Sarsential 6: website-based-workflow [ i.e.: resourceful environment] for PGIA-application. 

From first SAR-injury-control-narrative, posted on this website, earlier this year:

(1, March 13 2014 16:20) Ice after training gives this great relief. It helps prevent injuries; a natural inflammation inhibitor. While the ice melts over time, the flipside of the coin is that it gives wet feet and leaves footprints all over the place:

(2, March 15 2014 17:21) Today the 'A' in SAR stands for 'Antertainment'. Like a Hollywood block-buster, that deals with a problem (zombies, monsters, terrorists from within the own troops, corruption, greed, fear) an injury is best treated as just that, Entertainment, a break from routine, FUN to deal with -- to be experienced as a major challenge. Training continues, while we take care of our injury (treating the effect, healing the injury and attacking the overload causing it, through improvement of the technique, eliminating the cause). My experience of today followed these steps:

(3, Tuesday, March 18 2014 17:14) Todays training dedicated to Bastiaan Houtkooper and his web-hosting company 'Zebra hosting'. In a (telecom-)world dominated by moguls and morons, Bastiaan founded, owns and operates a state of the art web-hosting company -- his costumer support and brilliance in trouble shooting is beyond comparison, rooted in deep empathy and years of experience as high-end cinematographer for commercials mainly:

(4, March 21 2014 17:56) There is an excellent study to be found on the SSI Website (Strategic Studies Institute). From the booklet 'Forging an American Grand Strategy: Securing a Path Through a Complex Future Selected Presentations From a Symposium at the National Defense University' (pag.80): "... Our greatest problems are not political; they are biological. Specifically [...] that science and anthropology converge to prove that the human brain has not evolved to keep up with human progress. Complexity has outpaced the brain’s ability to process it. This causes it to hit [...] a cognitive threshold, defined as the difference between the slow speed at which the human brain can evolve and the rapid rate at which complexity grows":

(5, March 25 2014 17:16) ZCZCSA251655 EHAM AMSTERDAM/SCHIPHOL NLD -3 m.:

(6, Saturday, March 29 2014 18:18) Footprint after 32K SAR-training:

(7, Tuesday, April 08 2014 15:05) Footprint SAR_7: rain and sun and wind lend supportive-atmosphere to today's-training:

(8, Sunday, April 13 2014 13:41)

(9, Wednesday, April 16 2014 16:04) SAR_9 footprint [ … ] SAR training is Kick-Ass-training: taking-over from previous 'management' (that led to overload and injury -- usually fear driven management) and re-establish control ("Get in, get it over with and get out! "). Change requires collaboration on all levels. Trough the creation of unity the runner leads/inspires/guides/informs/balances the transformation at hand. It requires growth from egotistical overload-behaviour towards- and transformation into- an Alert-balanced runner, who emphatically and sensibly controls his behaviour. SAR training is focussed upon improvement of technique and efficiency. Trough Strategic use of available resources, including time, terrain, weather, technical-support -- and injury treatment, food and rest:

(10, Saturday, April 19 2014 14:20) When we have dealt with the acuteness of the injury (cause and treatment of the injury and attention to technique) we arrive at a cross-point where we move on to start building up pressure and focus on further progression and loyal running-fun. SAR training on the threshold of returning to best level:

(11, Tuesday, April 22 2014 16:42) [B]est level is achieved when intensity and frequency are balanced. Balanced frequency and intensity lead to progression and growth and fun:

(12, Thursday, April 24 2014 14:42) "All good things come in fourteen's" - Anonymous:

(13, Saturday, April 26 2014 13:50) "Discipline is the spark that ignites the fire of a habit." - Mark Divine:

(14, Tuesday, April 29 2014 15:40) Footprint after completion 32K SAR14 [ … ] Change requires collaboration on all levels. Trough the creation of unity the runner leads/inspires/guides/informs/balances the transformation at hand. It requires growth from egotistical overload-behaviour towards- and transformation into- an Alert-balanced runner, who emphatically and sensibly controls his behaviour:

¹ Photo Generated Injury Analysis

² Strategic Alert Running

³ Best Level Mixed Terrain Training


Above: PGIA 30K SAR BLT. Sarsential 4: preparation, discipline and habituation unite in mixed-terrain-training (MTT).

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave the trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson, as quoted in Daniel Thouw's 'Alter Ego: A Worldwide Documentary About Graffiti Writing'

Official 'Alter Ego' website:

Director/artist Daniel Thouw's website:

"There is a general view that Vladimir Putin governs the Russian Federation as a dictator, that he has defeated and intimidated his opponents and that he has marshaled a powerful threat to surrounding countries. This is a reasonable view, but perhaps it should be re-evaluated in the context of recent events. [ ... ] Putin's strategy was to allow the government in Kiev to unravel of its own accord and to split the United States from Europe by exploiting Russia's strong trade and energy ties with the Continent. And this is where the crash of the Malaysia Airlines jet is crucial. If it turns out -- as appears to be the case -- that Russia supplied air defence systems to the separatists and sent crews to man them (since operating those systems requires extensive training), Russia could be held responsible for shooting down the plane. And this means Moscow's ability to divide the Europeans from the Americans would decline. Putin then moves from being an effective, sophisticated ruler who ruthlessly uses power to being a dangerous incompetent supporting a hopeless insurrection with wholly inappropriate weapons. And the West, no matter how opposed some countries might be to a split with Putin, must come to grips with how effective and rational he really is. [ … ] Putin's popularity at home soared after the successful Sochi Winter Olympics and after the Western media made him look like the aggressor in Crimea. He has, after all, built his reputation on being tough and aggressive. But as the reality of the situation in Ukraine becomes more obvious, the great victory will be seen as covering a retreat coming at a time of serious economic problems. For many leaders, the events in Ukraine would not represent such an immense challenge. But Putin has built his image on a tough foreign policy, and the economy meant his ratings were not very high before Ukraine."

George Friedman in 'Can Putin Survive?', today on the Stratfor-website:

"A frequent question that comes up during [ Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape ] training [ … ] is, "What is the most important key to surviving in the Amazon Jungle?" [ … ] The individual who is properly prepared enjoys a sense of control or composure. [ … ] the self-confidence which results yields an optimism that sustains the individual trough disappointments and difficult times.. This process produces resilience. [ … ] Given that individuals do not respond with equal effectiveness in captivity survival, what accounts for [ … ] varying degrees of resilience? A seemingly logical conclusion is that resilience is inborn [ … ]. While there is evidence that some equally [ unprepared ] individuals do adapt to novel situations more quietly and effectively than others, sound scientific research shows resilience is not the sole province of heredity. [ It ] can be acquired and learned. [ … ] Studies have identified three elements which are necessary to produce resilience. None of the three alone is sufficient to produce the desired result, but when properly combined, they yield optimum resilience. The first element is talent. Talent is the basic raw material of intelligence and creativity which allows the survivor to conceive of and apply coping strategies. An average amount of talent is sufficient. The second element is [ … ] motivation [ to survive ]. The third element is optimism. [ Without ] optimism [ … ] motivation and talent alone will not result in the confidence and persistence necessary for resilient survival behaviour."

Former SERE psychologist Dr. John Bruce Jessen in the paper 'Resilience: Can the Will to Survive Be Learned?'

See also:


Above: PGIA¹ SAR² 30 KMS BLMTT³. Sarsential 5: Awesung [ Samsung ] photocamera for finish shot. 

"skipping off any fear, revving up and jumping out with maximum power. you glow for a short time and then retreat into the safety of darkness." - Smash 137, Basel, Switzerland, as quoted and pictured in Ruedione's book 'Blackflashes - graffity tales'.

Sneakpeak to 'Blackflashes', with soundtrack:

Smash 137:

¹ Photo Generated Injury Analysis

² Strategic Alert Running

³ Best Level Mixed Terrain Training


Above: PGIA 30K SAR BLT. Sarsential 3 : awesome-ice-power for tendon care after training. When summer gets hot, dries up the ground and warms-up sea-water, tendons need extra care to support injury prevention. This is part of post-training standard procedure.¹ Ice-cubes can be as large as 500cc frozen water from a Quark bucket. They are seperated from direct skin-contact. Elastic stockings could be found useful: one over the leg, one over that one -- to be filled up with ice. Pictured above: 4 buckets attached, to either side.

More: refer to Search option in lower right corner website, to find more on -- for example ice.

¹ Strategic use of available resources (such as cold water in ponts and at the beach, around winter-season) and Alertness, such as for luring injuries and taking care of them trough developing better technique, is what SAR aims at -- before, during and after Running. Training on steep ground, for example, such as found at many beaches near the branding, is to be found serious un-runanble ground, it is begging for tendon injury. To raise up resistance for the feet by choosing an underlayer of shells (at the beach) or concrete cycle-paths (in the dunes) with small stones on them, on the other hand, seem to stimulate proper technique. It activates the senses in the soles of the feet, spicing up the healing effect of running .