Use it or lose it.

Parkour in the mist

The symmetrical garden of the Assumburg Castle in Heemskerk. Training can be characterised by its symmetrical composition. To 'go the distance', say 10 K, requires to get back the same distance. This is where the benefit of training lies. Especially in the winter. You can't just stop. You will freeze. You have to keep moving to return. This is how endurance is built. There is no quitting option.


The 'win' in 'winter' is for winning the game in the mind first.


Kennemer Dunes, today. Injury is the seed of prosperity.

"Doctors," a doctor friend once told me, "take credit for what is a natural law: the power of the human organism to heal itself. Doctors come in and help," he said, "… but bottom line the human body has the capacity to recapitulate itself."

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Today, evenening snack. Pickels, cheese, meat, ginger, few slices of bread with pesto, some pre-fab Chinese sauce and red pepper.